Tips for Minecraft SMP

31 Amazing Tricks For Minecraft SMP : by ONCA

When you want to mess with your friends in Minecraft just want to be the best at survival, these are some useful tricks to remember in your survival world. Scrolls down to see 31 Tricks For Minecraft SMP.

Number One Trick For Minecraft SMP

When people are looking around your world, they might get lost. A creative way to show them where to go is with a lectern and an oak trapdoor. With a book inside, it looks like an arrow! Face it, the wrong way to mess with them. You can also use a banner in an item frame. At least it looks better than glazed terracotta!

Tricks For Minecraft SMP

Number Two Trick For Minecraft SMP

You probably know that you can hide water under lava with some signs, but a much better way to do this and an amazing manhunt clutch is to use kelp! For some reason, kelp allows water to withstand the lava. You can jump in, break the kelp, and any hunters that follow you in will just be standing in a one block lava pool! It’s a great instant lock and is really easy to set back up!

Number Three Trick For Minecraft SMP

So your dog can attack the surrounding animals, but what they can’t do is cook them for you. It sounds mad, but foxes actually can! Using the foxes’ ability to carry items, drop your favorite fox a fire aspect sword, and it will use it while attacking. This will kill the mob while it’s on fire, cooking its meat without the need for a furnace. A fox also won’t attack your friends when you accidentally punch them, giving you another reason to neglect your dog.

Number Four, Tricks For Your Minecraft SMP

The new dripstone falls when the block above is moved with a piston. So keep a bunch of these outside your house, ready to drop at the flick of a lever. They drop themselves on impact and with more height, they can do insane amounts of damage. Or use it for something a bit more practical by placing it above a cauldron and underneath lava, to catch the lava in the cauldron. Nah, I’m going to kill my mates.

Number Five Trick For Your Minecraft SMP

So you need backup, and you’ve forgotten to bring your dog. All you got a do to solve this is to get a friend to tap your dog, and it will stand up and teleport! If someone’s in a dangerous place, and you want to send them their dog, this trick works for that too! Similarly, you can make an ender pearl stasis chamber using bubble columns that can be activated by a friend to instantly teleport you back home. Or you could also make quicksand with bubble columns.

Number Six Trick For Your Minecraft SMP

Wearing a pumpkin on your head to avoid eye contact with an ender man is useful, but the overlay gets annoying pretty quickly. If you want to force someone to see this pumpkin face forever, you can enchant pumpkins with a curse of binding book and, once it’s on someone’s head, it’s completely glued on. The only way to remove it is to die and drop the pumpkin. Hope you’re not on hardcore. Can anyone take this off me? Anyone?!?

Number Seven Trick For Your Minecraft SMP

Enchantment tables have been in the game for a decade now, and they still have new uses. The book turns towards the nearest player as we all know, but this still works even if they have an invisibility effect. This trick even works through walls and floors, whether they have the effect or not! So when a player thinks they’re being sneaky, you’ll know if they’ve managed to break their way into your secret base.

Number Eight, 31 Tricks For Your Minecraft SMP

End crystals are very dangerous, so why not put one in someone’s house? If someone places one next to something you don’t want destroyed, it’ll often end in disaster. Well, you can remove it somewhat safely by blowing it up with TNT. Forget all normal TNT logic, because this does actually cause a smaller explosion than just clicking the end crystal. Or just dunk it in water and click it. I shouldn’t have tested this one in my house.

Number Nine Trick For Your Minecraft SMP

Without using any potions, it’s really easy to make a fake door that inflicts poison on anyone who tries to walk through. If you haven’t guessed yet, this is done with a puffer fish! Hide this guy under a block next to the door and those poisonous spikes will send away anyone dumb enough to enter.

Number Ten Trick For Your Minecraft SMP

Tridents with loyalty are very clingy. Throwing one and then filling up your inventory, so you can’t pick it up will make it float in the air and follow you around. To a bystander, this looks pretty cool. You can also do something that feels illegal with this. If you’re up for the challenge, throwing loads of these will make a circle around you. Yeah, this isn’t right for Minecraft.

Tricks For Minecraft SMP

Number Eleven, Tricks For Your Minecraft SMP

If you’ve run out of space in your normal world, or want to build a massive farm out of the way, build on the nether roof for a nice flat area. Get up there with a ladder and ender pearl, and you’ve got 128 blocks height to build whatever you need! Once 1.18 releases, you could use a glitch to break bedrock and make use of the extra space!

Number Twelve, Tricks For Minecraft SMP

Your friend’s gone AFK and the sun’s about to set. An easy trick for keeping them out of harm’sway during the night is to use a composter. Push them in and shut a trapdoor above them. No mobs will be able to see them. You could even use this on your own if you’re too scared to fight off the mobs. Finally, one of the worst blocks in the game has a proper use.

Number Thirteen, Tricks For Minecraft SMP

Who needs a massive prison when you can just use the natural terrain? Banish a misbehaving friend to a natural bedrock prison. Just dig down and find a 2 block deep bedrock crater. Make sure your friend’s got no blocks, otherwise they won’t have trouble escaping. Let me out, I’ve got facts to tell people!

Number Fourteen Tricks For Minecraft SMP

Slime balls are useful, but your sword is even more useful. So when you’re gathering slime balls, you don’t need to waste your swords’ durability on the tiny ones. They only have half a heart of health, so your hand works just fine. Also, if there aren’t enough spawning, wait a few nights for the moon to get fuller, as this increases their spawn rate by a lot.

Number Fifteen Tricks For Minecraft SMP

When you want to scare your friends, the sight of TNT being lit inside their build will easily freak them out. There will be zero destruction, though, if you light it with an anvil on top. It looks even better when the anvil is totally hidden. But test it first, just in case Mojang patch this. Doing this underwater with other gravity blocks has the exact opposite effect, so be careful with this one.

Number Sixteen Tricks For Minecraft SMP

When you make a fireplace, you’ll be lucky if it doesn’t burn your house down. Luckily, you can get a type of fire that doesn’t actually burn anything or anyone. You could use a campfire, or light an item frame using a flame bow. Real fire, now with 100% less danger! I mean, as long as you don’t hit someone with the arrow.

Number Seventeen Tricks For Minecraft SMP

A very simple 1.17 trick that will totally hide your base entrance is to use a drip leaf. Stand on it and wait until it pops back up, forcing you to crawl, though it is almost as obvious as a painting. Since they’re so much easier to mine than a trapdoor, bring them with you while you go strip mining, as it’s way more efficient to make a one block tunnel as it exposes more blocks per block mined.

Number Eighteen Tricks For Minecraft SMP

When you’re making a trade with a friend, you can secretly steal their items with this method! Hoppers work through carpets or slabs, so any items dropped on the floor will instantly disappear and go straight to your chests. Mine crafts with hoppers work through full blocks, too, but don’t have as much space. Or put magma blocks under the carpet in your mate’s house, and they’ll burn with no idea what’s causing it.

Number Nineteen Tricks For Minecraft SMP

This one will impress your friends and probably scare them at the same time if they’re holding valuable stuff. Tell them to get in a bed and not get out. Now, pour lava over them. Yeah, trust me. The lava will do no damage at all. Maybe keep some fire resistance potions on hand just in case they try to get out. Make sure to do this somewhere that isn’t flammable, or this’ll happen.

Number Twenty Tricks For Minecraft SMP

The certified rarest item in the game is the dragon egg, since there’s only one per world. So Mojang decided to make you lose it with just one click. Great idea. If you or one of your friends does “accidentally”lose this symbol of your hard work, it can’t teleport more than 15 blocks away, so that should help with your search. You can even mine them if there is nowhere to teleport to, but that’s going to be a cramped trophy room.

Tricks For Minecraft SMP

Number Twenty-One Tricks For Minecraft SMP

After building a giant city in your world, it can take a long time to get from one side to the other. Since boats go over slabs, you can make a faster pathway around town with waterlogged slabs to speed up the journey. You could try using blue ice because they go at 70 blocks per second on it, but that’s a bit overkill and hard to obtain.

Number Twenty-Two Tricks For Minecraft SMP

Since powder snow looks pretty much the same as normal snow, you can hide this stuff in a snowy area and have a few blocks of air beneath it, allowing you to make traps or have a secret base beneath the ground. Or just use it to disappear when your friends turn their back, but they’ll probably figure out how you did it. You can actually open chests underneath it, so you could have a compact secret storage space.

Number Twenty-Three Tricks For Minecraft SMP

Some blocks you’re already using can be modified to give them a little more blast resistance, helping your defenses. You can smelt sandstone, for example, into smooth sandstone to make it over seven times more blast resistant and take nearly triple the amount of time to break. If you don’t fancy smelting things, slabs are a lot safer. Two slabs can be much stronger than a normal block. This even saves materials, so why not?

Number Twenty-Four Tricks For Minecraft SMP

A block that often goes underused in Minecraft is the tripwire hook, especially in multiplayer. They’re great for more than just traps, too! Armour yourself up just by walking past a dispenser activated by one, trigger the dripstone dropper from earlier, or use it as a decoration, like in a bathroom or as a microphone. However, always make sure to use shears to disable any traps without setting them off! I’ve made the mistake too many times.

Number Twenty-Five Tricks For Minecraft SMP

Hopefully you’re using a shield when you fight on your SMP. But, instead of using a crafting table with two shields to repair it, you might not realize that you can actually just use planks in an anvil with a shield to make that repair! Another cool bonus of this is that they’ll keep their pattern, which doesn’t happen when you use a crafting table.

Number Twenty-Six Tricks For Minecraft SMP

Food can run out quickly on an SMP, and even faster if you have to share your supplies. To solve everyone’s food problems, all you need is a dandelion. Or a blue orchid if you’re in a swamp. Add these to the recipe while making mushroom stew, and you’ll get the best food source in the game. Plus, if you’re stuck in the nether or on the nether roof, mushroom stew is a great food source until someone comes to save you.

Number Twenty-Seven Tricks For Minecraft SMP

Your SMP or survival world might get a little boring after a while. If that happens, try something new! You could try having a tiny world border, to add a little challenge. Or set yourself a goal like obtaining every block and item in the game.

Number Twenty-Eight Tricks For Minecraft SMP

You can locate another player using arrows. If they left an arrow on the floor, light it through lava and make it hit TNT. The knock back you get from the TNT will being the exact opposite direction to the player! Just don’t let it blow you up! Number

Twenty-Nine Tricks For Minecraft SMP

There are certain types of block in the game that don’t disappear after they’ve been on fire for a while, like barrels, crafting tables, chests or campfires. So, for example, try playing some fire tunes for your friends on a note block or jukebox. Okay, that wasn’t very funny.

Number Thirty Tricks For Minecraft SMP

When your chests are overflowing, stop using lava to destroy items! If you’re going to destroy food, make sure to check if it can go into a composter first, and trust me you’ll be happy when you haven’t run out of bone meal. Cacti can destroy even more items than lava, too. Unlike lava, you’ll probably survive if you fall into your cactus trash can, which helps.

Number Thirty-One Tricks For Minecraft SMP

Speaking of cacti, they’re also great for building defense walls, though they’re pretty easy to destroy. You can actually break the laws of Minecraft and place certain blocks next to them.

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