Halo Infinite grappling hook: How to use the Grapple Shot [2021]

The Halo Infinite grappling hook has become one amongst the standout options within the game, each in multiplayer and campaign. Named the Grapple Shot and introduced as a part of the new instrumentality that players will realize around maps, it adds plenty of dynamism to Halo. There area unit a litany of the way it may be used, and it even encompasses a challenge related to it for ranking up within the battle pass. So, scan on for our breakdown of the Halo Infinite tool, as well as however it’s used, wherever it’s found, and a few straightforward tips for maximising its potential.

Halo Infinite Grappling Hook: What Is It And Where Can It Be Found?

Halo Infinite Grappling Hook traversal
Halo Infinite grappling hook: How to use the Grapple Shot

As a part of the new instrumentality system, the Halo Infinite grappling hook is provided to a particular slot once picked up. On the lower-left of the Department of Housing and Urban Development, next to the equipped grenades, you’ll see that instrumentality you have got, with the Grapple Shot being indicated by an image of the hook section. The default button to use it’s the Q button on keyboard, and RB/R1 on controller (though we have a tendency to suggest dynamical this in our greatest Halo Infinite controller settings). All you wish to try and do is just aim the Grapple Shot and activate it, and as long as you’re in vary it’ll pull you toward wherever you’re aiming.

The Halo Infinite grappling hook may be found on most of the maps in-game, at the instrumentality spawn points. These aren’t indicated on the Department of Housing and Urban Development, just like the power weapons or powerups, however once enough leisure time you must begin to acquaint yourself with wherever they’re placed. They’re conjointly comparatively simple to identify, and even have a colored circle that indicates once another can spawn in. a straightforward one to choose up, as an example, is on the map Bazaar, wherever it may be placed within the middle, just under the shelf wherever the facility weapon spawns.

Halo Infinite Grappling Hook: How To Grapple Shot An Enemy Spartan

Halo Infinite Grapple Hook fusion coil
Halo Infinite grappling hook: How to use the Grapple Shot

A big a part of the Halo Infinite multiplayer is that the challenge system, that helps you to rank up within the battle go by finishing challenges. Like several of the weapons, vehicles, and game modes, the Halo Infinite grappling hook conjointly encompasses a challenge associated. It’s a Tier two challenge and rewards 250 XP upon completion. finishing it’s quite straightforward, as all it asks is for the player to ‘Grapple Shot associate enemy Spartan in PVP.’

To do this, simply equip the Grapple Shot associated aim it toward an enemy Spartan in vary, once you activate it, it ought to launch you toward them supplying you with an opportunity to require them out. It conjointly locks you on them, thus if they struggle to run away, you’ll still find yourself next to them.

Halo Infinite Grappling Hook: Tips And Tricks

Halo Infinite Grappling Hook on enemy player
Halo Infinite grappling hook: How to use the Grapple Shot

We even have some tips and tricks for you to use with the Halo Infinite grappling hook, that ought to provide you with the sting over the opposite players. it’s some varied uses in multiplayer, that makes it far more than simply another traversal choice.

  • Though there is more to the Grapple Shot than traversal, it’s still the primary use and can turn the tide of a fight. For instance, you can use your momentum from grappling to launch yourself across the map with some well-timed jumps and slides, similar to Titanfall 2 but without Source physics. There isn’t much room for strafing here, so it’s only effective in keeping your momentum in a straight line, but there are some open maps that have the room needed.
  • Even accidentally fall off the map in Halo, or in the middle of a hijack an enemy begins driving off a cliff? Luckily, the Halo Infinite grappling hook gives you a second chance to manoeuvre back into the map, thanks to the generous boundaries. Just simply grapple back up and get back into the fight.
  • Speaking of vehicle hijacks, the Grapple Shot allows you to quickly enter driverless vehicles and hijack enemies vehicles with ease. Just aim at the vehicle and activate the grappling hook, and it will automatically let you occupy it. Alternatively, to hijack an enemy vehicle, during the grapple animation hold the X key on keyboard, or the X/Square button on controller. This can be done to both land and airborne vehicles too.
  • Another great function of the Halo Infinite grappling hook is bringing things to you. For instance, aiming at weapons or equipment, whether on the floor or at their spawn points, will bring it toward you and automatically equip it. This works for fusion coils too, and even the enemy flag in CTF, allowing you to yoink it before an opponent returns the flag to their base. 
  • You don’t just need to grapple toward stationary objects and vehicles to be launched forward with the Grapple Shot. Enemies provide a sturdy enough surface, as you can launch toward them too. This lets you catch enemies off guard with a quick melee and follow-up headshot before they can even retaliate. Just make sure you’re not doing it directly in their line of sight, or you’ll be a sitting duck as you’re flung through the air.
  • Lastly, the Halo Infinite grappling hook allows you to be a little naughty, by grappling to out-of-bounds areas. You can’t stay in these places for long, as a countdown will begin from ten that kills you once it reaches zero, but it’s a good chance to reset or get an overlook of the map. This doesn’t work on every map, either, as some out-of-bounds places have invisible walls that prohibit you. Regardless, it’s worth experimenting with which areas you can reach and how they can give you an advantage. 

That’s our rundown of the Halo Infinite grappling hook, and you should be ready to take it to the other Spartans in multiplayer. For information on the other equipment, take a loot at our Halo Infinite equipment guide, and our Halo Infinite grenades list.

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