How to use the Director Mode in GTA 5

How to use the Director Mode in GTA 5 | GTA five incorporates a ton of fun content for fans to get pleasure from and also the Director Mode grants you bigger management over the sport so you play a lot of creatively. Here’s however you’ll use the Director Mode.

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GTA VI still hasn’t been proclaimed however, however GTA five still has lots for players to try to to, together with finishing missions, finding collectibles, and inflicting mayhem. the sport conjointly has alternative options to form things a lot of attention-grabbing.

The Director Mode provides you a lot of management over the sport so you’ll do things like modification the time of day, modification your wished level, quick travel, and jump higher. This helps you to get a lot of inventive once you play.

Here’s everything you need to know about GTA 5’s Director Mode.

How to use GTA 5’s Director Mode

How to use the Director Mode in GTA 5
How to use the Director Mode in GTA 5

When you use the Director Mode in GTA 5, you can play as any character in the game, including the various different NPCs that you encounter in Los Santos. Entering this mode is fairly easy.

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Here’s how you can access the Director Mode:

  1. Launch GTA 5 and wait for the game to finish loading
  2. Press M on PC / View on Xbox / Hold the touchpad on PlayStation
  3. Select Director Mode in the Interaction Menu
  4. Pick the “actor” you want to play as from the casting trailer and enter Director Mode

You can come back to to the most game by gap up the Interaction Menu once more. It’s value noting that you just can’t enter Director Mode from sure locations or if you’re within a vehicle. you want to conjointly confirm you don’t have a wished level.

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How to use the Director Mode in GTA 5

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Once you’re within the Director Mode, you’ll do several fun things like dynamic the weather or time of day, dominant your wished level, super jumping, firing explosive bullets, changing into unbeatable, and far a lot of.

You have the choice to play as varied completely different story characters, NPCs, and even animals. You’ll conjointly order actors whereas within the trailer, so you’ll instantly modification between them whereas enjoying.

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