MackBook Air release date and price

MacBook Air Release Date And Price : View Now At ONCA

MacBook Air Release Date and Price

We have all the details on this and also the latest on the new MacBook Air Release Date and Price and of course a summary on design and specs as well. The next generation MacBook Air chipset’s on its way and the new report has told us that the new  mapper air will have even more cores in its GPU this would mean that the MacBook Air will have  even more potential.

So new m1x macs are expected this fall but what about max that will get the  m2 chipset inside and what are they capable of well it’s been over six months since we had an  update to the MacBook Air the biggest change we saw in that last model was the new Apple Silicon  m1 chipset put inside and also the cooling fan being removed from the model.

But with leaks and  rumors dropping in for the new mapper air. I’m going to give you the latest details on pacific models then details of the   planned release date time then a summary of the MacBook starting prices and features that we have  learned in previous leaks after I’m going to reveal my wish list for the next MacBook Air.

Let’s start with the news of the   m2 chipset, so a new report from a leaker called Dylan who has got many previous MacBook leaks  correct in the past years has reported that the new mapper air is likely to be one of the   debut devices so in other words one of the first devices to feature the new m2 chipset what is the  successor to the m1 this is not the successor to the m1x as the architecture of this chip is very   different to m1 and the upcoming m2 Dylan has even shared this just wanted to share some details on   when to expect the next generation m2 not the m1x which is reserved for the pro mac devices.

The processor is on track to release on the first half of 2022 alongside the upcoming colorful MacBook Air at the moment it’s looking like the CPU will retain the current eight cores but the   GPU that powers the graphics is going to be topped up from eight cores to ten cores from this report. We have had from mark German bolting on two more cores means that the MacBook Air will have even   more potential in undergoing heavy graphics tasks like rendering and even some more gaming potential.

Let’s talk about the release date next and then a summary of everything we know   with the prices included as well. This year we could be getting the m2 MacBook Air in 2021 in October or November time but with   these leaks and rumors from mark German ming chi quo you can see here with the mini led.

You can  see everything is more pointing towards a 2022 release instead a few other leakers have pointed   at early 2022 as well, but there are still quite a few who are standing their ground with late 2021.   But I think with WWDC and now with delay of the new 14 and 16-inch MacBook pros. That leakers are saying that a m1x is still going to be put inside them, so I believe based on these   facts it is likely that the early 2022 date is on the cards for a release with the new MacBook Air so going forward I’m going to be saying 2022 as the release date but when in 2022 you might ask well as some leaks have said  it’s going to be early 2022.

If apple’s track   records of events and announcement is anything to base time on based on these leaks I believe   we’ll be getting an Apple event in mid-March or April time in 2022, so the release date will   be soon after either in April or may time next year.

MacBook Air  m2 Design: The new model that’s coming out in 2022 it will be a 13.3 XCR liquid retina mini LED display   now it’s likely this 13.3 inch display is going to be retained and not upgraded to a 14-inch just yet.  

The main reason is even with the new MacBook Pro 14 inches coming out it is like the apple are gonna   still continue to sell the MacBook Pro m1 what has a 13.3 inch display as well, so I’m sure the   MacBook Air will also be retaining its same size screen, but the resolution of that screen will be   the same of what we get on the map air right now what will be a 1680 by a 1050, and it will also   be a pro motion display for the first time.

What will be a 120 hertz refresh rate built into that display so very similar to the 12.9-inch iPad Pro that we have right now for storage is likely it’s   going to be very similar to what we have right now so 256 gigabyte 512 one terabyte and two terabytes. Storage options there will be that brand-new m2 chipset inside it, and it is likely according to  the latest leaks

It’s likely it’s going to be a little bit thinner than the MacBook Air we have right now, but we’re also going to be getting colors as a first according to some of the latest leaks and rumors. But it will be made out of aluminum and there will still be two USBC thunderbolt   4 port on one side and also those thunderbolt 4 parts will be also compatible with usb4.

The new design what I just spoke about the new colors ranges that are coming out for it will be blue-green, red-silver, yellow-orange and purple what are the exact same colors that we got with the imac   m1. It’s also likely we’ve been told that there’s going to be a center stage webcam in the middle of the new MacBook Air.

What will be a 12 megapixel camera battery life is going to be the same.

MacBook Air Prices wise it looks likely that it’s going to be very similar to what we have right now with 256 gigabytes starting at 999 us dollars and 512 gigabytes at 1249. One terabyte at 1 499 and 2 terabytes at 1849 us dollars.

 Now obviously all these specs I’ve just shown you here are based on what we know at the moment this   could change in the future but next for my wishes for the MacBook Air my wish is to do with the   colors, so we’ve seen some great colors in the comp sets and renders that you’re looking at right here, but also there are some rumors and leaks to say that the new MacBook Air is going to have all   these multiple different colors that are going to be very similar to the imac and the iPad Air.

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