Days of the Week in Mandarin Chinese: How to Speak Week Time Words and Questions With Chinese & Pinyin?


How shall we say days of the week in Mandarin Chinese? As with the Everyday Chinese Time Expressions for Days, the Chinese time words for weeks are also easy and basic for international Chinese study. Follow the bilingual story to reach a complete list of days of the week in Mandarin Chinese as well as the regular week-related phrases and question sentences, with paralleled English, Chinese, and Pinyin.

Target Story Words

English Words:

Chinese Pinyin:

Standard Chinese:

Similar Chinese Words:
星期 Xīng qī Another common word to say week in Mandarin Chinese.

Related Chinese Words:
“日”时间 Rì shí jiān duǎn yǔ Chinese time words to express days.
“月”时间 Yuè shí jiān duǎn yǔ Chinese time words and expressions for months.
“年”时间 Nián shí jiān duǎn yǔ Chinese time words and expressions for years.

Chinese Words Pronunciation

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What Are Chinese Week Time Words?


The Chinese Week Time Words tell how to say days of the week in Chinese language, the week-related Chinese words and phrases that are used frequently to indicate tenses or week-related events in the Standard Chinese language.


Core Words to Signal the Week in Chinese


Speak Days of the Week in Mandarin Chinese with Pinyin, words, phrases, week-time questions and answer sentences

Generally, the following Core Chinese Words are used to signal the "Week" or "Week-related" in the common Chinese Time expressions, all of which can help distinguish the following days of the week in Chinese from other time words, such as Chinese time expressions for days, dates, months, years, etc.

在汉语里,一般用以下几个汉字来标明是以 “周” 为基准的时间词,从而将以下表达“周”的中文时间词与其他如日、月、年的时间区分开来。

These core words signal the "Week" in Chinese, as below:

  • (Zhōu) - the concise expressions of the "week" and "weekly" in Chinese.
    周 - 中文里用来表达“Week”和"Weekly"最简洁的词语。

    • a formal Chinese character to signal the week in Mandarin Chinese.
    • often appears in both written and spoken Chinese time expressions.
    • and used in conjunction with plenty of nouns to indicate the week-as-unit/frequency-of-time things or activities, equivalent to weekly.
      还可以和许多名词组合,表达与“周”为单位或频率的事物,相当于 weekly。
  • 星期 (Xīng qī) - also stands for the "week" in Chinese.
    星期 - 中文里也指“周”。

    • a two-character Chinese word used to express a week or week-related time, but without the meaning of weekly in Chinese.
    • used in both spoken and written Chinese. see sample expressions below.
    • and its original meaning in ancient China refers to the seventh day of the seventh month based on the Chinese lunar calendar which is said to be the fixed meeting date for Liu Lang (the common) and (his lover but a deity) Zhi Nü's reunion once a year in the sky.
  • 礼拜 (Lǐ bài) - has more than one meanings in Chinese.
    礼拜 - 有多重中文含义。

    • ONLY in conjunction with numbers or particular characters "" or "" that can indicate the meaning of "week" in Mandarin Chinese.
    • ONLY in spoken Chinese that occasionally used to express the week time.
    • and most it means the day to go to church for religious activities, that is, "做礼拜" in Chinese.

Speak Days of the Week in Mandarin Chinese: Weekdays & Weekend


Speak Days of the Week in Mandarin Chinese with Pinyin, words, phrases, week-time questions and answer sentences

How shall we speak days of a week in Mandarin Chinese, from Monday to Friday or the days of weekends? It's quite simple if you get to know the following formulas:

To speak Days of the Week in Mandarin Chinese =

Core Week Words + Chinese Numbers

“周/星期” + 中文数字 = 表示一周内的某一天

The Common Chinese Weekday Words as below - from Monday to Friday:

  • 工作日 - (gōng zuò rì) - Weekdays, particularly from Monday to Friday in Chinese, as follow.
  • - (zhōu yī) - Monday in Chinese
  • - (zhōu èr) - Tuesday in Chinese
  • - (zhōu sān) - Wednesday in Chinese
  • - (zhōu sì) - Thursday in Chinese
  • - (zhōu wǔ) - Friday in Chinese

Be careful on the weekend words in Chinese, slightly different from Chinese weekdays expressions:

  • - (zhōu mò) - a collective Chinese name of Saturday and Sunday, as follow.
  • - (zhōu liù) - Saturday in Chinese
  • - (zhōu rì) - Sunday in Chinese

How to Count Weeks in Mandarin Chinese?


The formula for counting weeks in Chinese, as follow:

To Express "How Many Week" in Chinese =

Chinese Numbers + Core Week Words

中文数字 + “周” = 表达“多少周”

  • - (yì zhōu) - a/one week
  • - (liǎng zhōu) - two weeks
  • - (sān zhōu) - three weeks
  • 几/数 - (jǐ/shù zhōu) - several weeks

Learn Time Words of Week in Mandarin Chinese to Indicate Tenses


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