Tell Number 666 Meaning in Chinese vs. 6666666: Positive Chinese Web Compliment Not Devil Code

解读 666 的中文含义:称赞词非魔鬼密码

Do you know what is the popular web expression 666 meaning in Chinese? And what about the similar 6666666? The following story will give you clear answers. In China, 666's meaning in Chinese is quite different from its evil implication in other languages or cultures, nothing to do with the Devil's code, Angel number or Beast. Keep reading to get the secret meanings hidden in the number 666 in Chinese language and culture. Try to better understand 666 as a positive Chinese web compliment before you use it.

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中文意思 Yì sī the Chinese meaning of a word or content.

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Niú Chinese character of ox.
数字 Shù zì The numerals or numbers.
谐音 Xié yīn The Chinese homophonous culture describing words has similar Chinese pronunciation but different meanings and writings.

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What Does the 666 Mean in Chinese?

中文里,666 指的是?

Unlike the beast or evil sign in Western, the number 666 has a completely good and positive meaning in Chinese, to release a friendly pleasant signal to others.

不同于西方文化里象征邪恶,数字 666 在中文里表达的是完全积极正面的含义,传递着友好的信息。

The number 666, written as the lowercase Chinese number "六六六" (liù liù liù) in simplified Chinese, is popularly known as a Chinese compliment number and catchword, to show the praise and admiration of other people for their incredible behaviors or operations, similar to say "awesome", "amazing", "super-fantastic", etc.

中文里,数字 666,简体写为"六六六" (小写的中文数字),作为常用来称赞别人优秀或惊人之举的网络热词而令人熟知,表达类似“awesome”、“amazing”、“super fantastic”等意思。

666 Is A Chinese Compliment Number and Catchword

666 是称赞词和网络流行语

The 666's Chinese meaning and usages are vastly different from that in English or western cultures. In Chinese culture, the number 666 meaning in Chinese has completely nothing to do with the evil code, the angel or the devil's number which may frighten people away. On the contrary, 666 is free to be spoken on almost all casual occasions and especially getting much popular among the young people, accepted as a popular Chinese compliment number and catchword in China.

中国的 666 与西方的 666 含义用法存在天壤之别。在中国文化里,666 不与任何邪恶沾边,与天使数字、恶魔数字这些毫不相关,不会令人恐惧。相反,你可以几乎在中国任何非正式场合里随意使用 666 来表扬别人,尤其作为网络流行语在年轻人中很受欢迎。

Distinguish 6 v.s. 666 Meaning in Chinese

中文里 666 与 6 的不同含义

In modern China, figure 6 is definitely one of the popular Chinese auspicious numbers, similar to the Chinese rich and lucky figure 8.

在中国,数字 6 在中国人眼中绝对是一个十分吉利的数字,如同另一个吉利数字 8。

The figure 6, written as "六" (liù) in Simplified Chinese, stands for meaning of “going well and smoothly” since it has a quite similar pronunciation as another Chinese polyphonic character "溜" (liū) or (liù) which implies something "slippery and smooth" like water.

数字 6,在简体中文里写作小写数字 “六”,且与多音字“溜”同音。由于“溜”字读“liù”音时 在中文里意味着像流水一般“平滑、顺溜”,因此,人们逐渐习惯用 “6” 或 “六” 来形容事物进行“顺利”。

For example, there is a popular Chinese idiom "六六大顺" (liù liù dà shùn), which is always used to wish others that everything goes well, especially on successful business or career development.

举个例子,在中国有一个常用的成语 “六六大顺”,就是用来祝福他人万事顺利、事业大吉大利的热门祝福语。

In regard to 666, it is neither a simply repetition of the figure 6 on writings nor meanings. The number 666 in Chinese has a similar pronunciation as "溜溜溜" (liū liū liū) / (liù liù liù) and "牛牛牛" (niú niú niú), the latter of which comes from a vulgar and very casual word "牛逼" (niú bī) which means "fucking great, amazing, very cool" and is even transliterated into a new word "niubility". 

无论从书写上或含意上来看,666 都不是基于数字 6 的简单重复。中文里,666 谐音同“溜溜溜”及“牛牛牛”,后者“牛牛牛”源自一个较粗俗的口头语“牛逼”,表达“很厉害、很彪悍、超级酷”的含义,甚至由此创造了一个新单词"niubility"。

In consequence, Chinese people used to associated 666 with 牛牛牛, and use 666 to compliment others on their awesome and extraordinary ability or behaviors.

因此,人们习惯将数字 666 和牛牛牛联系起来,并用 666 来称赞他人超乎寻常的能力或惊人之举。

What's more, the number 666 can be typed with just three clicks either by the computer keyboard or the virtual mobile inputting system, far fewer steps required than typing other Chinese compliment words. It's undoubtedly the simplest and quickest way to send compliment messages on the virtual Internet world. For this reason, the number 666 is becoming one of the most frequently used buzzwords and rapidly goes viral on Internet as a Chinese compliment word.

而且,任何人只需点击三次就能完成输入 666 的操作,比输入任何其他汉字花费的时间和步骤都少得多,这无疑是在虚拟的网络世界中发信息称赞别人最简单的步骤了。由此,666 逐渐成为了表达赞叹的网络流行梗之一,迅速传播开来。

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