Video Tips & Tricks For Mastering Chinese Number Gestures

| 看视频:掌握中国数字手势的技巧

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Related Word: Chinese Number Gestures

| 相关汉语词:中国数字手势

English Words:       Gestures to Signify Numbers

Chinese Pinyin:      Biǎo Shì Shù Zì De Shǒu Shì

Chinese Characters:  表示数字的手势

Similar Chinese Words:   
    手势 (Shǒu shì)| Hand Signs or Hand Gestures.
Related Chinese Words:   
    肢体手势 (Zhītǐ shǒushì)| Body Gestures.
    肢体语言 (Zhītǐ yǔyán)| Body language.
    动作 (Dòngzuò)| Behavior.
    比划 (Yònghù míng)| Use body language to express meanings.

Related Story: Learn Chinese Gestures to Signify Numbers 1-10

| 相关故事:中国人用来表示数字 1-10 的手势

As in other countries around the world, the Chinese people have invented their own independent finger-counting system and hand gestures, which are called "Chinese Number Gestures" or "Chinese Hand Signs with Numbers".


To show numbers from 1 to 10 with Chinese Gestures is quite simple in China, just one hand enough to convey the numeral meanings to others.

在中国,用中国手势表示数字 1 到 10 是十分简单的,仅一只手就能将数字含义传递给他人。

And it doesn't even require you very nimble with fingers. For a full story on Chinese Gesture Study, please click here to read "Learn Chinese Numbers Gestures to Make Your Bargain and Finger-Counting More Efficient in China".


Advanced Tips: Chinese Gestures Enable Counting up to 99

| 更多技巧:用中国手势表示两位数

Chinese Hand gestures also benefit for expressing larger numbers, such as the two-digit number from 11 to 99.

中国手势同样有利于表达更大的数字,比如从 11 到 99。

Once you are skilled in basic Chinese gestures of numbers 1-10, you are free to use both left and right hand to signify numbers separately, the higher of which stretched out or moved forward will be understood as a digit at the Tens place while another naturally as the digit at the Ones place.

一旦熟练掌握了数字 1-10 的基本中国手势后,你可以用双手分别示意数字,这样伸得更高或靠前的手势会被视为表达十位上的数字,而另一个自然而然表达的是个位上的数字了。

Please continue to learn Chinese Guests to Signify Double-Digit Numbers.



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