"Recently in June 2019, China has already granted its top carriers the 5G licenses for commercial usages in China, earlier than it planned. China officially becomes the fifth country worldwide entering the 5G commercialization era. "


|  中国 5G 商用元年


English Words:       The first year of China 5G Commercialization Era

Chinese Pinyin:      Zhōng Guó Wǔ Jī Shāng Yòng Yuán Nián

Chinese Characters:  中国 5G 商用元年

Related Chinese Words:   
    5G手机 (Wǔ JĪ Shǒujī)| 5G mobile phones.
    5G基站 (Wǔ Jī Jīzhàn)| 5G base stations.
    5G牌照 (Wǔ Jī Páizhào) | 5G licenses.
Related Brand: 
    华为 (Huáwéi)| China's largest telecommunication company and manufacturer on Telecom and mobile equipments.

China 5G Commercial Era, China 5G Era, China 5G Technologies

What is 5G? And 5G in China?

| 什么是 5G ? 以及中国 5G ?

5G refers to the fifth generation of cellular mobile communication technology, with many advantages such as ultra-high data transmission rate, ultra-low network delay (latency), high system capacity, and massive device connection. It will bring the world vastly increased speed and ultimately better user experience. However, since the ability of 5G signals is quite limited on bypassing obstacles and transmission distance, it is necessary to build more 5G base stations to achieve the vast coverage of 5G network.

5G 是指第五代的蜂窝移动通信技术,具有超高的数据传输速率、超低网络延迟、高系统容量、海量设备连接等众多优点。它能为全世界带来飞速提高的上网速度和更棒的用户体验。但由于 5G 信号绕过障碍物的能力和发送距离均十分有限,因此 5G 的覆盖需要建设更多 5G 基站来配合实现。

China 5G Commercialization

中国 5G 商用化进程

Chinas Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has officially granted 5G licenses for commercial use to four Chinese companies since June 6, 2019, which was at least half of the year earlier than the original expected schedule.

2019 6 6 日,中国工信部向中国四家企业正式发放了 5G 商用牌照,这比原计划的发放时间至少提前了半年。

The four Chinese 5G licensees are: China Telecom (CTCC), China Mobile (CMCC), China Unicom (CUCC) and China Broadcasting Network Corp (CBN). The first three are Chinas top three major telecom operators, while the last one operates Chinas national-wide cable TV, broadcasting network and related business, and owns the use of the unique 700 MHz spectrum resources.

这四家已拥有 5G 商用牌照的中国企业分别是:中国电信(CTCC)、中国移动(CMCC)、中国联通(CUCC)和中国广电(CBN)。前三家是中国的三大通信运营商,最后一家为负责中国全国范围内的有线电视网络相关业务,拥有独有的 700 MHz 的黄金频谱资源。

With the 5G commercialization granted in 2019, China is officially entering the first year of China 5G commercialization era. China has also become the fifth country who has launched 5G commercialization in the world after the other four countries: South Korea, the United States, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

随着 2019 年中国 5G 商用牌照发放,中国正式进入了 5G 商用元年。中国也成为继韩国、美国、瑞士、英国后全球第五个正式商用 5G 的国家。

Subsequently, Huawei announced via its official accounts at Sina Weibo and Weixin (WeChats version for China market) platforms: Huawei will fully support the Chinese operators to build China 5G network with its advanced and comprehensive end-to-end 5G capabilities.

随后,华为通过官方微博和官方微信公众号表示:华为公司将凭借端到端全面领先的 5G 能力全力支持中国运营商建好中国 5G

It is predicted by experts that the total 5G users in China will hit 430 million by 2025, approximately 33% of the current Chinese population.

据专家预计,至 2025 年,中国5G用户将达到 4.3 亿人,占目前中国人口 33% 左右。


China 5G Technologies

| 中国 5G 科技

China 5G Technologies on Key Patents

中国在 5G 技术专利方面

At present, China companies has owned nearly 40% of the 5G standard-essential patents worldwide.


IPlytics, the famous professional patent data and analytics company, recently released a 5G patent report Who is leading the 5G patentrace. According to the report, the four China companies including Huawei, ZTE, OPPO and China Academy of Telecommunication Technology (CATT) owned a total of 36% of global 5G SEPs (Standard Essential Patents) until April of 2019. In contrast, the US Tech giants including Qualcomm and Intel, hold only 14% of global 5G SEPs.

根据德国专利数据公司IPlytics最近发布的5G专利报告《Who is leading the 5G patentrace?》,截止到20194月,华为、中兴、OPPO和中国电信科学技术研究院这四家中国公司,一共拥有全球36%5G标准必要专利(5G SEPs)。相比之下,包括高通和英特尔在内的美国科技巨头,只持有14%的关键5G专利。

Furthermore, according to the report, China Huawei has owned 15% of 5G SEPs (up to 1554 SEPs), standing in the first place. In other words, China Huawei is the top one company until now who owns the most 5G SEPs all over the world.


The top 10 5G-SEPs-owned companies are: 1). Huawei from China (1554 SEPs, 15%)  2. Nokia from Finland (1427 SEPs, 14%)  3. Samsung from Korea (1316 SEPs, 13%)  4. LG from Korea (1274 SEPs)  5. ZTC from China (1208 SEPs)  6. Qualcomm form USA (846 SEPs)  7. Ericsson from Sweden (819 SEPs)  8. Intel from USA (551 SEPs)  9. China Academy of Telecommunication Technology from China (545 SEPs)  10. Sharp from Japan (468 SEPs).

全球拥有 5G SEPs 专利数量最多的全球排名前十的企业名单有:华为(中国,1554/15%)、诺基亚(芬兰,1427/14%)、三星(韩国,1316/13%)、LG(韩国,1274项)、中兴通讯(中国,1208项)、高通(美国,846项)、爱立信(瑞典,819项)、英特尔(美国,551项)、中国电信科学技术研究院(中国,545项)、夏普(日本,468项)。

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