DuanWu, The Chinese Dragon Boat Festival in China


Do you know there are five legal Chinese Long Weekend Holidays and festivals? Among them, the Dragon Boat Festival is the most important one in China and you should know about it.

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端午 duān wǔ The short Chinese name of Duanwu Festival or Dragon boat Festival.
端午假期 duān wǔ jià qī China's Duanwu Festival Holidays or the Dragon boat Festival Holidays in Chinese.

Related Chinese Words:
粽子 zòng zi The glutinous rice dumplings in China.
赛龙舟 sài lóng zhōu The dragon boat races in China.
中国小长假 zhōng guó xiǎo cháng kià The Chinese long weekend holidays.

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Chinese Pronunciation on GoogleSay “DuanWu Festival” in Chinese

What is the "Dragon Boat Festival" in China?


Chinese Dragon Boat Festival, Chinese DuanWu Festival, Chinese Dragon Boat Long Weekend Holidays, Chinese DuanWu Holidays

DuanWu, transliterated from two Chinese characters 端午 (Duān wǔ) (the key Chinese name of Chinese Duanwu Festival), refers to one of the oldest traditional festivals The Duanwu Festival in China with over 2000 years' history and folk celebrations.

端午节,是中国民间的最古老的传统节日之一,在中国已拥有两千多年的历史。其英文 Duanwu 正是从“端午节”中前两个汉字“端午”音译而来。

Additionally, the DuanWu Festival is also known by the world as the Dragon Boat Festival due to the Dragon boat as its significant and eye-catching cultural symbol in the long historical celebrations and folk customs in China.


In modern China, the DuanWu Festival, written as 端午节 (Duān wǔ jié) in Chinese now has become one of China’s important legal festivals and holidays since 2008. As the DuanWu Festival comes every year, all Chinese people will enjoy a three-day public holiday for celebrating the Duanwu Festival.

在现代,端午节更是成为了中国法定的重要节日之一(自2008年后)。每年端午节到来时,中国人都可以享受到 3 天的公众假期。

The Origin Stories of DuanWu Festival


In the very beginning, the DuanWu Festival was originated from the custom that the Chinese ancient ancestors held boat races for the worship of the Dragon God, paying homage and their fears to the rivers and seas in nature, certainly as well as to the Dragon god who was regarded as the dominant controller of all rivers, lakes, and seas in China.


As passed down to the 278 BCE (close to the end of the Warring States Period in China) and the later thousands of years in China, the DuanWu Festival was closely connected with a great patriotic ancient Chinese poet "Qu Yuan" 屈原 (qū yuán) from a huge tragedy. By his brave and resolute jumping into the Miluo River (now in Hubei province, China), the tragedy of Qu Yuan's death with his life for the country has greatly surprised the states of that period and the people. Thus, the DuanWu Festival also becomes a big memorable day for the Chinese people to recall the memory and show their respect to this patriotic and also very famous Chinese poet, who meanwhile has left lots of well-known poems including "Li Sao" in the Poetry of Chu (Chu Ci).

到公元前 278 年(战国末期)及后世千年里,端午节也和一位伟大的中国爱国诗人“楚原”紧密联系在了一起。因感于屈原义无反顾投身汨罗江(现湖北省内)、以身殉国的行为,以及这位伟大诗人留给后世的包括《楚辞· 离骚》在内的诸多诗词名作,端午节也成为了中国人向这位著名爱国诗人屈原表达敬意和怀念的纪念节日。

With the local custom of rowing dragon boats and throwing Zongzi (a kind of glutinous rice dumplings), one of the traditional Chinese food, into rivers for dispelling fishes and shrimps from eating the body of QuYuan, Zongzi has become a popular DuanWu Festival food in China, and the DuanWu Festival hence is given the folk name like the Zongzi Festival, the Dragon Boat Festival, and more.


When Is The DuanWu Festival? And Holidays?


Usually, the Duanwu Festival takes place on the fifth day of the lunar fifth month according to the traditional Chinese calendar. Turning into the Gregorian calendar, the DuanWu Festival Day will fluctuate in late May or June.


Due to its falling in the early summer of China, the Dragon Boat Festival is also the period for all Chinese ethnic groups to go fitness, prevent the plague from spreading, dispel virus diseases, and pray for health.


The DuanWu Holidays or the Dragon Boat Long Weekend Holidays, are generally referring to 3-consecutive-day holidays including 1-Day traditional DuanWu Festival Day plus the nearest weekend (2-Day), which belong to the Chinese legal public holidays in China.


The DuanWu/Dragon Boat Holidays certainly fall in late May or June but the days are not fixed in the Chinese calendar. For example, the Chinese DuanWu or Dragon Boat Day in 2019 took place on June 7th, 2019, then the 3-day long weekend holiday of the year began from June 7th to June 9th, 2019.

具体的端午小长假假期,每年日期并不固定。例如,2019 年的端午节在阳历 6 月 7 日这一天,2019年的端午小长假则从 6 月 7 日开始一直到 6 月 9 日为止。

What Does the Duanwu/ Dragon Boat Festival Mean to the Chinese?


How to Say The DuanWu/Dragon Boat Festival Greetings and Wishes


Different from the popular formula sentence for Chinese festival wishes, the Duanwu/Dragon Boat Festival Greeting and wish uses a unique structure and characters. That is the Chinese sentence 端午安康! (Duān wǔ ān kāng).


The blessing words 安康 (ān kāng) in Chinese means to bless others to be safe and healthy, which respectively implied by the Chinese character (ān) and (kāng). Connecting with its origin stories above, it is easy to find out why these blessing words become the most popular festival greeting and wish for the DuanWu/Dragon Boat Festival in China.


Calendar: DuanWu Festival and Holidays


(Jié rì míng)
(Rì qī)
端午节 2019
(duān wǔ jié)
DuanWu/Dragon Boat Festival 2019
6月7日 星期五
(6 yuè 7 rì xīng qī 5)
Friday, June 7, 2019
端午节 2020
(duān wǔ jié)
DuanWu/Dragon Boat Festival 2020
6月25日 星期四
(6 yuè 25 rì, xīng qī 4)
Thursday, June 25, 2019
端午节 2021
(duān wǔ jié)
DuanWu/Dragon Boat Festival 2021
6月14日 星期一
(6 yuè 14 rì, xīng qī yī)
Monday, June 14, 2021
端午节 2022
(duān wǔ jié)
DuanWu/Dragon Boat Festival 2022
6月3日 星期五
(6 yuè 3 rì, xīng qī wǔ)
Friday, June 3, 2022
端午节 2023
(duān wǔ jié)
DuanWu/Dragon Boat Festival 2023
6月22日 星期四
(6 yuè 22 rì, xīng qī sì)
Thursday, June 22, 2023
端午节 2024
(duān wǔ jié)
DuanWu/Dragon Boat Festival 2024
6月10日 星期一
(6 yuè 10 rì, xīng qī yī)
Monday, June 10, 2024
端午节 2025
(duān wǔ jié)
DuanWu/Dragon Boat Festival 2025
5月31日 星期六
(5 yuè 31 rì, xīng qī liù)
Saturday, May 31, 2025

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(Jià qī míng)
(Qǐ zhǐ rì qī)
Start~End Date
(Tiáo xiū ān pái)
端午小长假 2019
(Duān wǔ xiǎo cháng jià)
DuanWu Festival Holidays 2019
(aka. Dragon Boat Festival Holidays)
6月7日~9日 放假
(6 yuè 7 rì zhì 9 rì, fàng jià)
Jun 7~9, 2019
Friday to Sunday

(2020 Nián)
DuanWu Festival Holidays 2020
(aka. Dragon Boat Festival Holidays)
6月25日~27日 放假
(6 yuè 25 rì~27 rì, fàng jià)
June 25 ~ 27
Thursday ~ Saturday
6月28日 周日 上班
(6 yuè 28 rì, zhōu rì, shàng bān)
Work on Sunday, Jun 28, 2020
(2021 Nián)
DuanWu Festival Holidays 2021
(aka. Dragon Boat Festival Holidays)
6月12日~14日 放假
(6 yuè 12 rì ~ 14 rì, fàng jià)
June 12 ~ 14
Saturday ~ Monday

(2022 Nián)
DuanWu Festival Holidays 2022
(aka. Dragon Boat Festival Holidays)
6月3日~5日 放假
(6 yuè 3 rì ~ 5 rì, fàng jià)
June 3 ~ 5
Friday ~ Monday

(2023 Nián)
DuanWu Festival Holidays 2023
(aka. Dragon Boat Festival Holidays)
6月22日~24日 放假
(6 yuè 22 rì ~ 24 rì, fàng jià)
June 22 ~ 24
Thursday ~ Saturday
6月25日 周五 上班
(6 yuè 25 rì, zhōu wǔ, shàng bān)
Work on Sunday, June 25, 2023
(2024 Nián)
DuanWu Festival Holidays 2024
(aka. Dragon Boat Festival Holidays)
6月8日~10日 放假
(6 yuè 8 rì ~ 10 rì, fàng jià)
June 8 ~ 10
Saturday ~ Monday

(2025 Nián)
DuanWu Festival Holidays 2025
(aka. Dragon Boat Festival Holidays)
(Dài dìng)
To be determined
(Dài dìng)
To be determined

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