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|  用中文道歉的靠谱方式


English Words:       To say sorry in Chinese

Chinese Pinyin:      Yòng Zhōng Wén Dào Qiàn

Chinese Characters:  用中文道歉

Related Chinese Words:   
    对不起 (Duì Bù Qǐ)| Sorry. I apologize seriously. Beg your pardon.
    不好意思 (Bù Hǎo Yì Sī)| Excuse me. Pardon.
    抱歉(Bào Qiàn)| Sorry. Pardon me

Useful Apology Words in Chinese, What Are They?

| 靠谱的中文道歉用语有哪些?

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Apology Words in Common


 1. 对不起 Duì Bù QǏ

The formal way to apologize for guilt in Chinese.  Both written or oral communications are available.


E.g.    Sorry! Its my fault.


As for the feelings of Chinese people, 对不起(Duì Bù QǏis one of the most sincere and formal phrases for apologizing to others. It is more likely to be used on serious occasions or big mistakes.


2. 不好意思(Bù Hǎo Yì Sī

It is a very common expression for apologies, used in oral communications only. It is used quite casual, with a relatively light tone of speaking.


不好意思(Bù Hǎo Yì Sīis often used to express the smallest, lowest degree of apologies or that caused by little small interference in daily life.


For example, it can be used when non-intentional troubles brought, ignorance or interfere with others.


It can be used at the beginning of a sentence, similar to Excuse me…

既可用在一句话的开头,类似“Excuse me.

E.g.    Excuse me. May I ask you a question?


Or it can also be used alone in questions, like Pardon? or Pardon me.

也可以单独在疑问句里使用,类似“Pardon?” 或“Pardon me.

E.g.    Pardon? Could you repeat it?


3.  抱歉(Bào Qiàn

Both written or oral communications are available. But the degree of apologies it expressed is less than 对不起 Duì Bù QǏ.


The meaning of each Chinese character is like =抱以 (similar to give or express), =歉意 (apologies)


In comparison to 不好意思(Bù Hǎo Yì Sī),  抱歉(Bào Qiàn) is a more formal and elegant speaking phrase.


Chinese Adverbs of Degree + Apology Wordsfor example:

程度副词 + 道歉语, 举例如下:

apology words in Chinese, say sorry in Chinese, say Im sorry in Chinese, how to say sorry in China 2019, useful ways to say sorry in Chinese 2019

4. 十分对不起你 (Shí Fēn Duì Bù Qǐ Nǐ )、十分抱歉 (Shí Fēn Bào Qiàn)、十分不好意思 (Shí Fēn Bù Hǎo Yì Sī) |  So Sorry

5. 很对不起你 (Hěn Duì Bù Qǐ Nǐ)、 很抱歉 (Hěn Bào Qiàn)、 很不好意思 (Hěn Bù Hǎo Yì Sī) | Quite Sorry

6. 非常对不起你 (Fēi Cháng Duì Bù Qǐ Nǐ)、非常抱歉 (Fēi Cháng Bào Qiàn)、非常不好意思 (Fēi Cháng Bù Hǎo Yì Sī) | Very Sorry

7. 真的很对不起你 (Zhēn De Hěn Duì Bù Qǐ Nǐ)、真的很抱歉 (Zhēn De Hěn Bào Qiàn)、真的很不好意思 (Zhēn De Hěn Bù Hǎo Yì Sī) | So terribly sorry, or Really sorry, or Genuinely sorry 

8. 太对不起你了 (Tài Duì Bù Qǐ Nǐ Le)、太抱歉了 (Tài Bào Qiàn Le)、太不好意思了 (Tài Bù Hǎo Yì Sī Le) | Too Sorry

Those Chinese adverbs of degree often using together with apologies,  usually include 十分(Shí Fēn), 很(Hěn),非常(Fēi Cháng),真的很(Zhēn de hěn),太了(Tài…le).


Those degree adverbs can be randomly combined with different apology words to emphasize the degree and tone of apology, which helps make your apologies more sincere and acceptable.


However, in Chinese, such degree adverbs must be used as modifiers in front of the apology words, in order to enhance and emphasize the apology.


9. 道歉 (Dào Qiàn) / 致歉 (Zhì Qiàn)

Both 道(Dào) and 致(Zhì) are verbs like make, while 歉(Qiàn) is a noun, equal to Apology.


Both 道歉(Dào Qiàn) or 致歉(Zhì Qiàn) mainly emphasizes the behavior of apologizing.

道歉(Dào Qiàn)或致歉(Zhì Qiàn)重点强调的都是道歉这一行为。

Add a subject in front of it, for example, 我道歉(Wǒ dào qiàn), similar to the meaning that I apologize.

若加上主语,例如我道歉,含义等同于I apologize

Then add an object, for example, 我对(给/向)你道歉(Wǒ duì / gěi / xiàng ni dào qiàn), similar to the meaning that I apologize to you.

若再加上宾语,例如我对(给/向)你道歉,含义等同于I apologize for you.

The difference is that in Chinese, 道歉(Dào Qiàn) 致歉(Zhì Qiàn) can not be used completely replacing of Sorry. For example, if say 我道歉(Wǒ dào qiàn) or 道个歉(Dào gè qiàn), the attitude is too casual and leave an impression of perfunctory and insincere.


However, in Chinese, it is available to add the word 对不起 after 道歉 together to express enough sincerity.


E.g. “我给你道歉, 对不起!(Wǒ gěi nǐ dào qiàn, duì bù qǐ!)”

比如 “我给你道歉,对不起!”

It can be used in question sentences, such as “你能给我道歉吗? (nǐ néng gěi wǒ dào qiàn mā?)”, meaning that could you apologize to me?


E.g. “你能给我道歉吗? (nǐ néng gěi wǒ dào qiàn mā?)”

比如 “你能给我道歉吗?”

Usually, it wont be used with 不好意思 or 抱歉 together, except 对不起.

通常不和不好意思、抱歉一起使用, 对不起除外。

Internet Apologies


10. 道歉表情包 (Dào Qiàn Biǎo Qíng Bāo) | Memes or stickers for Apology

Apology memes or stickers are frequently spreading on the Chinese Internet. They are vivid and quite interesting.


E.g. the memes and stickers to say sorry like the follows.


E.g. the memes and stickers containing the behaviors for apologizing like the follows the degree and sincerity increased in turn.


apology memes, apology sticks in china, say sorry in Chinese, say Im sorry in Chinese, how to say sorry in China 2019, useful ways to say sorry in Chinese 2019


What Difference to Say Sorry in Chinese with So Many Ways?

| 在中国,不同道歉语之间的区别?

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