"A new reality show, “Phantacity 2018” has aired on Hunan TV in China. It was defined as the first original Chinese reality show combining music, film, musical and live broadcast, aiming to bring an immersive experience to live audience and audience both before the TV screen or watching through the Internet."


安利《丑》— 中国“幻乐之城2018”热议作品

English Words:       Recommend "Ugly/Clown" from Chinese Show "PhantaCity2018"

Chinese Pinyin:      Ān Lì “Huàn Yué Zhī Chéng 2018” Rè Yì Zuò Pǐn —— 《Chǒu》

Chinese Characters:  安利2018中国原创综艺“幻乐之城”热议作品——《丑》

Related Chinese Words:   
    安利 (Ān Lì)| Strongly Recommend something to somebody
    强烈推荐(Qiáng Liè Tuī Jiàn)= 安利(Ān Lì)| Strongly Recommend 
    幻乐之城 (Huàn Yuè Zhī Chéng)| PhantaCity, Chinese new variety show aired on HunanTV
    朱一龙(Zhū Yī Lóng)| Chinese Actor acting the role "Shěn Wèi" in Chinese drama "Guardian"
What is it?

What is "Ugly Clown | 丑 (Chǒu)" in PhantaCity?

Introduce the performance "Ugly Clown"

Title:   "Ugly/Clown"

Slogan:   Become your own protector!

Source:   The third performance work in Chinese New Original Reality Show  "PhantaCity 2018" EP 10

Performer:   Zhu YiLong, the hot Chinese male actor offered wonderful acting in 2018 Chinese hot drama "Guardian"

Song:   Let Me Stay By Your Side (Original version by Eason Chan)

Director:   Wei Xiao

Highlights:   Excellent performance acting a freaky clown.


Ugly Clown - Performer Zhu YiLong in Chinese Reality Show PantaCity 2018 EP 10


It was told a simple but warm-hearted story in the performance of “ 丑 (Chou/Clown)”. Two lives at the bottom of the society warm each other, give strength, and reignite the hope for life and dreams. The most special thing is that this is a mime show. The actor almost keeps silent throughout the whole performance except the singing part, relying on physical movements to convey emotions and forward the storyline. Only a few but important conversations are given at the end of the show. It is highly recommended for you to insist on watching till the end of the short film. Although a few small mistakes occurred in the singing part, it can not obscure the amazing artwork. From actor’s  performance, plots, music, scene, and other aspects, all these have won the praises by the host, guests, and audiences, even leading to extensive discussions on Chinese social networking platforms.






You can watch it on YouTube now:

Tips:  no English subtitle yet (shall be added later). But it is not a problem since it’s mainly a mime show, only less conversation in the end. None of difficulties for anybody to understand this warm story.



What it means to Chinese?

What the performance work "Ugly/Clown" means to Chinese?

From Sina Weibo and Phatacity program’s official data, searches for “Zhu YiLong Clown” had ranked rapidly into Top 10 list of 24-hour’s most-searched keywords at Sina Weibo (Chinese version of twitter) , with a total number of 500,000 searches. It also ranked Top 1 of hot topics, and the related topic reading reached 160 million. 

来自新浪微博以及节目官方数据,在2018年《幻乐之城》第10期播出后,24小时内包含“朱一龙 小丑”的关键词登上新浪微博热门搜索前10以及新浪微博热门话题总榜第一,总搜索量达到50w+,相关话题阅读量高达1.6亿。



Zhu YiLong, a recently really hot Chinese actor, was best known for his role as Shen Wei/Black-robe Envoy in Chinese Net Drama “Guardian”. By acting a freaky clown, he had made his own first but quite impressive and high-completed performance in PhantaCity.At the meantime, under the smooth cooperation and live full control by the director and background team, Zhu YiLong’s clown show had undoubtedly won high praises by audiences. Various KOLs of hot social media, many we-medias focusing on Fashion/Entertainment/Drama and Film, had watched, reposted this episode, forward and recommend Zhu YiLong and his play to others, which also led to plenty of comments and hot discussions popping up later in a quite short time.




Many fans who loved this excellent show too were trying to re-present this work by plenty of text, comic paintings, video clips cut and re-creations. They tried to use 3D Max to reproduce Clown's scene (Watch it on Bilibily). Some talent guys even made 3D models of the show "Ugly/Clown" with SU  (Watch it on Bilibily) and tried to explain more intuitively to other people that how complex the structure of live environment that the team had built up in the TV studio, what rushing runnings and motions the actor had done for the performance, and how difficult to control everything and to make sure every team member could complete the whole work with few mistakes.

喜爱这段精彩表演的网友们,纷纷通过文字、漫画、视频剪辑二次创作、等各种方式多角度解读这段作品,甚至利用3D Max 还原丑的场景,更有大神级网友利用SU建模神还原现场摄影棚内的空间场景并精细分析演员艰难的现场跑位、和幕后各团队共同完成的高难度的现场调度工作。



What's more?

Strongly Recommend More Excellent Works in "PhantaCity 2018"

Childhood - performer Ren Suxi in PhantaCity 2018 EP 1

PhantaCity 2018 EP 1.  The 2nd Performance   |   《幻乐之城》第一期第二个作品 

Childhood - Performer/Ren Suxi  & Director/Xin Shuang   |   《儿时》—— 唱演人/任素汐  &  导演/辛爽

Tips:  English subtitle available




Magic Moon - performer Leah Dou in PhantaCity 2018 EP 4

PhantaCity 2018 EP 4.  The 3rd Performance   |   《幻乐之城》第四期第三个作品

Magic Moon - Performer/Leah Dou  & Director/MaiZi   |   《幻月》—— 唱演人/窦靖童  &  导演/麦子

Tips: Leah Dou, China's diva Faye Wong's first daughter.

English subtitle available




Scarborough Fair - performer Sarah Brightman in PhantaCity 2018 EP 9

PhantaCity 2018 EP 9.  The 3rd Performance   |   《幻乐之城》第九期第三个作品

Scarborough Fair - Performer/Sarah Brightman  & Director/Robert Vicencio   |   《誓言》—— 唱演人/莎拉·布莱曼  &  导演/罗伯特




Ugly/Clown - Performer/Zhu YiLong in PhantaCity 2018 EP 10

PhantaCity 2018 EP 10.  The 3rd Performance   |   《幻乐之城》第十期第三个作品

Ugly/Clown - Performer/Zhu YiLong  & Director/Wei Xiao   |   《丑》—— 唱演人/朱一龙  &  导演/危笑

Tips:  no English subtitle yet (shall be added later). But it is not a problem since it’s mainly a mime show, only less conversation in the end. None of difficulties for anybody to understand this warm story.




More to Be Continued

See u soon... : )




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