"The overall size of China’s food take-out market approached 300 billion in the year 2017, while the total number of Chinese food take-out consumers who ordered food online has exceeded 300 million, an increase of 66.2% over the previous year. With its popularly covered in 1300 cities in China, a “Nationalwide Take-out Era” is coming."


|  中国全民外卖

English Words:                 Nationalwide Food Delievery & Take-out Era in China

Chinese Pinyin:                Zhōng Guó Quán Mín Wài Mài Shí Dài

Chinese Characters:            中国全民外卖时代

Cantonese Chinese:             外賣 

Similar Chinese Words:   
        中国外卖送餐业务 (Zhōng Guó Wài Mài Sòng Cān Yè Wù) |  China Food Delivery & Takeout
        饿了么外卖 (È Lě Mē Wài Mài) |  Ele.me Food Delievery & Take-out Service
        美团外卖(Měi Tuàn Wài Mài) |  Meituan Food Delievery & Take-out Service
        滴滴外卖(Dī Dī Wài Mài) |  Didi Food Delievery & Take-out Service

Related Chinese Words:   骑手(Qí Shǒu)| Delievery Guy / rider


What is it?

What is "Nationalwide Take-out Era" in China?

In China, the Food Delivery Business is continually growing. Now, it has covered 1300 cities in China and feeds 346 million people. According to the report of iMedia Research, in the year 2017, the overall size of China's food delievery & take-out market approached 300 billion, and the total number of Chinese food take-out consumers who ordered food online has exceeded 300 million, an increase of 66.2% over the previous year. In China, Food Take-out has become the second largest dining scene, and China is about to enter the era of “Nationalwide Take-out”.

在中国,外卖送餐业务在持续增长。如今,中国外卖服务已经覆盖了全中国1300个城市,在为全中国3.46亿消费者提供外卖餐饮。根据iMedia Research的报告显示,在2017年,中国外卖整体市场规模逼近3000亿,在线订餐的中国外卖用户规模已突破3亿人,同比增长66.2%。在中国,外卖成为第二大就餐场景,而中国也即将进入“全民外卖时代”。


For many Chinese people, the food delivery and takeaway service has gradually penetrated into their daily lives. According to the report of iMedia Research, the utilization ratio of ordering takeaway food by Chinese young people aged 24 and below has reached 50% above, while by Chinese people aged 25 to 35 is about 35%. It is obvious that Ordering takeaway food online has become an indispensable part of both Chinese netizens and over 700 million mobile phone users in China, especially more popular among Chinese youth. 




Till the end of 2017, there are two main biggest service providers dominating the food delivery and take-out arena in China. They are Meituan Dianping, which is owned by the Internet giant Tencent, and Ele.me, which is supported by the equally large giant Alibaba.



In March 2018, the third company, China’s smart ride-hailing giant “Didi” also added food delivery & take-away service to its app’s offerings, and released an app “Didi Delivery” for delivery riders while another app “Didi Merchant” for business merchants. It indicates that Didi formally entered China’s Food delivery & take-out market, engaging in the battle for market share with Alibaba-owned Ele.me and Tencent-backed Meituan Dianping.



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