Top China University in Wuhan and its famous library.

(Top China University in Wuhan and its famous library).



| 武汉大学图书馆

Chinese Pinyin:                 Wǔ Hàn Dà Xué Tú Shū Guǎn
Mandarin Chinese:            武汉大学图书馆
Similar Chinese Words:    武汉大学图书室


The library, located in one of the top China Universities ---- Wuhan University, is well known for its historical and traditional architectural design, and as well as its huge book and information collection.



What it means to Chinese?

The old building of Wuhan University Library and its surroundings are listed into the fifth of National Key Cultural Relics Protection Units. By virtue of its huge collection and excellent web information services, Wuhan University Library has become one of the most popular places in the campus where students and faculty can choose from many books, gain all kinds of information, and spend their leisure time.



Wuhan, Hubei Province, China

位于中国 湖北 武汉


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