"Never Say San Ba “三八” (Sān Bā)in Anywhere of China.

It’s a negative and abusive word on woman / females. Not recommended used in Chinese Mandarin or Cantonese."


What is San Ba?

What is San Ba 三八 (Sān Bā)?

Chinese Pinyin:                   Sān Bā

Chinese Characters:           三八

Similar Chinese Words:     死三八 (Shǐ Sān Bā)臭三八 (Chǒu Sān Bā)

Cantonese Chinese:            八婆 (Bā Pó) 


What it Means to Chinese?

What San Ba "三八" means in China?

Commonly dirty and abusive word against females.

In any cities of China, San Ba 三八 is always referring to devalue, abuse and curse women in a derogatory sense,  much heavy and more derogatory than gossip. It is most commonly used against women who behave crazy, frivolous or maliciously gossiping or interfering with other’s business.



Orally may refer to Womans Day. But it is quite rare.

In some cases, combining with the actual context, some people may speak San Ba (三八) as the short description referring to the International Women’s Day (March 8 each year) in the dialogue. If you heard it, please pay more attention to the context.


DO NOT use San Ba “三八” in any occasions, for your safety.

To avoid any unnecessary misunderstandings and conflicts, DO NOT use such a word San Ba “三八” to anyone in any cases in daily life (Woman's Festival Wishes excepted). Otherwise, the result is hard to predict.


And best wishes to all women here and on earth!


Happy Women's Day! My Queen!




Fǔ Nǚ Jié Kuài Lè ! Nǚ Wáng Měn !


Smile : -)




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