"Sometime Tencent will release time-limited WeChat Pay Rewards activities. If you are using WeChat Pay to buy something in supported stores or supermarket in China mainland at that time, you may randomly receive one-time free payment or WeChat-Pay In-Store Red Envelope. Congrats and enjoy your random discounts using WeChat Pay offline."


| 限时微信支付奖励

What is it?

What is “WeChat Pay Rewards”?

In an effort to promote and inspire more people to use WeChat Pay offline, WeChat Official launches a time-limited reward activity in its App which will give users a random discount when using WeChat Pay in some cooperated store offline. (Alipay also did similars rewarding randomly)

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Latest Events

Latest Events about WeChat Pay Rewards

“WeChat Weekend Shake” Activity

From 2018/1/20 to 2018/2/2 and on every Saturday and Sunday, if you are using WeChat Pay to buy something in supported stores or supermarket in China mainland, as long as your payment reaches ¥2, you will automatically participate in “WeChat Weekend Shake” activities, randomly received a Free-Order-Gift (one-time free payment) or WeChat-Pay In-Store Red Envelope  (with rewards no more than ¥200 yuan).




If you get a one-time free-order-gift when using WeChat Payment, it means you will get the whole money you have paid successfully for this order returned to your WeChat Wallet. Then you get what you bought and pay nothing for it.


“WeChat Pay In-Store Red Envelope”

If you receive an In-Store Red Envelope when using WeChat Pay, it means when you reach any supported stores (also including supermarkets and restaurants in mainland China) in the next time, you can enjoy the same-amount discount, deducted automatically from your WeChat payment.

Please remind:

  • Each user can have 3 chances a day to participate in weekend shake activities.
  • Only 1 red envelope discount is allowed to be used per user (WeChat account) per day.
  • The red envelope discount is only valid before 24:00 on the first Friday after receiving it.



More Stories To be Continued

For all you guys now in China, have good luck! ?





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  2. […] WeChat Official will award random WeChat-Pay In-Store Red Packets to those using WeChat Pay […]

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