5G 商用元年   |   Wǔ Jī Shāng Yòng Yuán Nián

Say First Year of 5G Commercialization Era in Chinese


Say First Year of 5G Commercialization Era in Chinese, Learn Chinese Word Wu Ji Shang Yong Yuan Nian 5G商用元年 wǔ jī shāng yòng yuán nián

Tell the Chinese of First Year of 5G Commercialization Era

5G 商用元年(wǔ jī shāng yòng yuán nián): China has officially granted 5G licenses for commercial use to Chinese carriers since June 6, 2019, earlier than the schedule. It means that China officially enters the first year of China 5G commercialization era, as the fifth country who has launched 5G commercialization in the world.

商用(shāng yòng)here means commercial usage. The meaning of 商(shāng)in Chinese is usually related to commercial, such as a commercial man in Chinese called 商人 (shāng rén), commercial business in Chinese called 商业 (shāng yè), and commercial behaviors in Chinese called 商业行为 (shāng yè xíng wéi), etc.

用(yòng)in Chinese means to use, or usage.

元年(yuán nián) here means the first year. 元(yuán)in Chinese equal to the first and initial while 年(nián)means the year in Chinese.

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